Join Jamie and Sarah each weekday morning for the LIVE Morning show! aka the Morning Jolt, aka The Bro Show, aka The Best Show EVER!

Wake up and get your morning off to a great start with awesome music, lively discussions (arguments,) humor (hilarity,) entertainment news (gossip), and more. Whether you are on your daily commute, getting the kids ready for school, or just need a reason to smile, Sarah and Jamie will jump-start your mornings with laughter, contests, give-away opportunities, trivia, arguments, and fun! Plus, they are both great singers….

Check out ways some of the ways you can win below:



Breakfast Brainbuster Trivia
Every Monday through Friday we give away 2 $10 gift certificates from Montana Mike’s Steakhouse on Breakfast Brainbuster Trivia! Listen every weekday morning on Energy 106.7 for your chance to win!