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Tim Dill

Tim Dill

10-8 East Marshall Coaches Corner

Mustangs Football Head Coach Greg Lee

10-7 Extra Point: Grayson Woodhouse

Pioneers Sophomore Starting Quarterback

Poweshiek County Supervisors – October 8, 2021

Poweshiek County Supervisor Jason Roudabush talks about maintenance at the County Jail, the importance of the I-80…

Right At Home – October 8, 2021

Get It In Writing! Matt Karjalahti talks about the importance of documentation, plus looks at the new…

10-7 Extra Point: GHS Senior Cal Jaworski

The Tigers WR/CB/K/P talks about the season and looks at tomorrows game at West Burlington

10-7 Extra Point: Baxter Football Head Coach Rob Luther

A Preview of the Bolts game Friday night against Montezuma

10-7 Grinnell High Coaches Corner

Tigers Football Head Coach Tony Stenberg

10-7 HLV Coaches Corner

Warriors Football Head Coach Kevin Smith

10-7 Lynnville Sully Coaches Corner

Hawks Football Head Coach Mike Parkinson

10-6 Williamsburg Coaches Corner

Raiders Football Head Coach Curt Ritchie