Change Your Resolution Mindset

Here we are, into the new year and many of us already have resolutions hanging over our heads. That’s right ‘hanging over our heads’. Why do I say that? Because according to many reputable websites, among them, tell us that resolutions fail at the rate of 92% per year. Why is that? The answer may be simpler than you think. You see, resolutions come with a year long subscription, and let’s face it, keeping your word to yourself for a year is pretty hard to do. And it becomes easier and easier to ‘fudge’ on that promise to yourself.

So what’s the solution?

Set short term goals. For instance; if you want to lost some weight, concentrate on a daily goal to cut down on snacks–” I will only eat one cookie today”. And mean it. Maybe you can cut down on portion size at every meal today; drink more water to curb your appetite; suck on a hard candy between meals–any one of a number of ACHIEVABLE DAILY GOALS to help with your ‘resolve’ to do better, be better, act better. Short term goals will improve your self esteem, too, because you will find yourself winning the daily goal games and realizing long term results. Short term goals=long term results. Now, go get ’em Tiger!!!