Jasper County’s COVID-19 death total has increased since Saturday. The coronavirus Iowa website shows 58 deaths for the County. That’s up three from the 55 listed Saturday morning. Since Saturday, the County’s test total is up 69; confirmed cases are up 27; and recoveries are up 12. The positivity rate for COVID-19 testing the past 14 days in Jasper County remains at 14-percent, where it has been since this past Thursday. Since the start of the pandemic in March, the positivity rate for tests in the County is 21-percent. Confirmed cases in the County have climbed above 3-thousand 200, to 3-thousand 205 out of 15-thousand 272 tests. 2-thousand 662 of the County’s confirmed cases have ended with recoveries. The State’s COVID-19 tracking website also says through this past Thursday January 14th, 1-thousand 262 Jasper County residents have been given the coronavirus vaccine. 1-thousand 212 of them were vaccinated within the County.