You can get a free Covid Tests again from the federal government. With cases of COVID-19 rising again, the federal government has re-started its program of offering Americans free at-home testing kits. A health official says Iowans should double-check the expiration date on any older kits they have before throwing them out — and before using them. Brian Benson, executive director of UnityPoint Health’s Pharmacy Department, says the solution you mix with the swab or the indicator panel could go bad over time.

The feds are now offering up to four at-home rapid tests to each household that requests them, though the tests do expire after a number of months. Benson says if you’re not sure how old your COVID test might be, don’t use it.

The Food and Drug Administration’s website (FDA-dot-GOV) has a section that indicates whether expiration dates on various tests have been extended. Order the free tests at: