Jasper County United Way Director Concerned About Proposed Newton City Budget Cut

Tight finances has Newton City Officials looking for ways to reduce the budget for the new fiscal year beginning July 1st. One proposed reduction is taking away all the City funding to the local YMCA, Jasper County RSVP, and the United Way of Jasper County. United Way Executive Director Jessica Lowe Vokes spoke out against this loss of revenue at this week’s City Council meeting.

Lowe Vokes said through war, peace, global pandemics and everyday life these three agencies have been instrumental in ensuring the safety and well being of local residents.

The United Way of Jasper County leader said she understands revenue shortfalls, increased expenses, and other budgetary issues. But she added it’s her opinion that a 100-percent cut in City Funding to the YMCA…RSVP…and the United Way is a dangerous way to balance the budget.

No final action has been taken on a Newton City Budget for fiscal 2023-2024. The Newton City Council must approve one in March.