A 37 year old Newton man accused of running away from a vehicle that had a significant amount of marijuana in it…is free on a 15-thousand 500-dollar bond. Newton Police say an arrest warrant was issued for Joshua David Eilander after he fled from the vehicle on foot and eluded an officer who initiated a May 17th traffic stop. The stop near East 10th Street North and North 8th Avenue East occurred around 7:15 that night and was for a third brake light being out. The arresting officer says Eilander got out of the vehicle and ran. While chasing after him, the officer tripped and cut one of his hands and an elbow. Back at Eilander’s vehicle, by the driver’s door, there was a strong marijuana odor. A search, according to the police, then turned up 60.9 grams of marijuana.  Officers say a portable scale with marijuana residue was also seized, and that. Eilander’s driver’s license is revoked due to an OWI test refusal. He’s charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Deliver, Failure to Have a Drug Tax Stamp, Interference with Official Acts Causing Injury, Driving While his License is Revoked, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Newton Police note Eilander was taken into custody on the warrant a week ago today(Thursday).