Newton Westwood Golf Course Clubhouse Demolition Bid Approved

A company from a small community southwest of Cedar Rapids has won the contract to take down the current Clubhouse at Newton’s Westwood Golf Course. The demolition of the clubhouse will pave the way for construction of a better one, which City residents voted for in passing a park bond referendum this past September 13th. The City’s Community Services Department opened bids for the demolition December 7th. Eight bids were submitted, ranging from 23-thousand 815-dollars…to 58-thousand 700. Last (Monday) night the City Council unanimously accepted the low bid from Midwest Demolition Contractors Incorporated of Waldorf Iowa. Howe Excavating of Newton had the 2nd lowest bid at 28-thousand 475-dollars. City staff expected the demolition to cost 51-thousand 400-dollars. The tear down is to be completed by the end of March. American Rescue Plan Act, or so-called ARPA funds will cover the demolition’s cost. In September the City Council rejected the bids that were submitted for construction of the new clubhouse…because they were too high. City staff has since been working on plans for a more affordable clubhouse that still satisfies the language of the bond referendum and meets the needs of the golf course. 

That’s Mayor Elect Evelyn George…as she addressed the issue last (Monday) night.