Right At Home – October 30, 2020

Matt Karjalahti talks about the evolution of digital marketing in Real Estate.

Right At Home – October 23, 2020

Matt Karjalahti talks about ground contamination, what it means, and what to do about it.

Right At Home – October 16, 2020

The conversation gets very abstract . . . Matt Karjalahti talks with Bill McNally about abstracting.

Right At Home – October 9, 2020

Matt Karjalahti talks about the differences in Real Estate Markets.

Right At Home – September 18, 2020

David Sotilllare catastrophe Claims Adjuster and Commercial Scuba Diver talks about disaster insurance with Matt Karjalahti.

Right At Home – September 11, 2020

Closing Costs . . . who pays what? Matt Karjalahti unravels the mysteries of closing costs, plus…

Right At Home

Matt Karjalahti talks about "what's next". What to do for storm damage in a transaction.

Right At Home – August 21, 2020

Not all Superheros wear capes. Or their underwear on the outside. Matt Karjalahti talks about the men…

Right At Home – July 31, 2020

Lets pile into the Family Truckster with Matt Karjalahti and find some Vacation Homes!

Right At Home – July 17, 2020

Live from Central Perk! Grab a cup of joe, and let Matt Karjalahti talk about economic conditions…