Polls are open for today’s City and School elections. Voting can be done up to 8p.m. Jasper County Auditor Dennis Parrott Says bring your ID with your current address.

The State says 94-percent of Iowans have a driver’s license. If not…registered voters should have received a card with a 4-digit PIN number on it through the mail from the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office. Bring that with you to vote. This is the first time in Iowa the City and School elections are being held together. Parrott says he hopes to have the local results tabulated about an hour after the polls close.

Paul Pate, Iowa’s Secretary of State, says it’s important for people to vote in today’s city and school board elections. He claims city government is the most efficient and effective level of government.

Especially in smaller communities, Pate says it only takes a handful of people to decide an election.

Every year, Pate claims there are local elections that are decided by single digits, or in the cases of a tie, a name being drawn out of a hat.

Local election results will be broadcast tonight once they are in on KCOB 95.9FM