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Ain’t No Cure For Those Summertime Blues

A line from the classic Eddie Cochran hit “Summertime Blues”.

However . . .

The line should be “there ain’t no cure for a summertime cold”.  I should know.  I’ve been battling one since early July.  I only really felt sick for a couple of days, of course that also coincided with some of my busiest time here at the radio ranch.  I had to do fair reports, award presentations, and a celebrity bottle calf show (see previous post about that), along with regular work, work around the house, and my daughter in a summer musical.   ALL THAT really kinda took me out of it.  I still haven’t recovered.  The goop from my nose and the lung butter has cleared up, but I still have a lack of energy, or more accurately, less energy than usual.

I really want to be doing things, but I just don’t feel like it.  I have a TON of projects around the house to get done, and usually I throw myself into one with fair abandon.  But not lately.  Maybe it is “summertime blues” disguised as an ailment.

I really don’t have much to look forward to over the next few weeks, although the State Fair starts soon, and I have tickets to see Pentatonix, and at the end of the month I’m going to see my beloved CUBBIES at Wrigley.  But for some reason, I’m just marking time.  I should be working in the yard, but with the heat and lack of rain, I’m afraid to mow the lawn for fear of killing it.  I should be continuing to paint my house, but the wife thinks I’ll end up dying on the end of a fallen ladder, or worse, so she’s kinda but the kibosh on that.  I should be at my 40th high school reunion, but really, I didn’t miss most of them when I left for college, and from all facebook evidence, they all got fat and old, and who wants to travel 1200 miles for THAT?!?

Maybe I should not have had my BIG summer vacation at the beginning of summer.  It was a great 10 days to Florida and back, but the letdown of “What’s Next” is kinda big.  Of course, I said the same thing last year when the big vacation was at the END of summer and I was bummed that my whole summer was spent WAITING for the trip.

Obviously, there are just two alternatives for someone like me.  NEVER take a vacation (therefore I will be miserable ALL the time, but not bummed out like before)  or RETIRE, and be on vacation ALL THE TIME.  Neither of them are very realistic I’m afraid.  The former would make my family VERY unhappy, making for even more misery, the latter is impossible because I’m too young for Social Security, and I’ve spent a lifetime in Radio, so I have no money to speak of.

Actually, all I need is a couple of days of rain, so I can justify cutting the grass, grab my club and hit the links for a round of golf, and remember I have a lot of things to look forward too (did I mention I’m going BACK to Munich for Oktoberfest again this year?)

Now if I can just get over this darn cold.