I do alot of thinking . . .

Some who know me would say, that isn’t true. But it is. I usually do most of my deep thinking in the shower. Its warm, peaceful, and very early in the morning before the rest of the world intrudes on my day. Stuff like . . .

Why is hyphenated not, but non-hyphenated is?

Why do they impeach a guy for not cooperating with an effort to impeach him?

Why Dr. Seuss isn’t considered the “Father” of rap music? Rhyming is Rhyming no matter how small.

This sign . . .

Who is this for?

How can something be both “New” and “improved”?

“Lather, Rinse, Repeat” . . . never tells you when to stop.

Has Vegas ever figured out the odds of all the specific elements coming together in the right combination to create life, let alone intelligent life, just by happy-happenstance? And if so, what’s the over/under on Intelligent Design?

Why does the FAFSA tell you to let the IRS automatically put your financial information into their system, when on the next page they make you manually enter your income anyway?

Imodium is labeled as an Anti-Diarrheal.  Is there a diarrheal running loose out there somewhere we don’t know about?

How can something be “semi-boneless”?  If there is just one bone then its “boned”! Like “kinda-Pregnant”.  Either you are or you’re not.

How come I can remember entire scenes from d-level movies, but can’t remember my wife’s social security number?

. . . and a bazillon other transient thoughts that rattle around in my head.    Now if I can just remember where I put my glasses . . .