I feel like Captain Ahab!

I’ve been trying to get a decent photo of this guy for two years!

The rest of this guy’s decorations are “meh”at best, but this makes it all worthwhile, and B.O.B worthy.

On the other end of the spectrum  . . .

Yeah.  I lost count too.  It looks like a Shriner’s convention for Christmas inflatables.  This photo, taken somewhere near Cedar Rapids, was forwarded along to me by one of the B.O.B true believers.   If you see a Christmas display you think is B.O.B worthy, please send it to [email protected], along with any location info you care to share.

Then there is North English . . . The “un-official” B.O.B capital of the world. They seem to have more B.O.Bs per capita than any other community i’ve visited. Check out the video.


the lights are in sync to christmas music on a all-christmas format radio station.

then there is my favorite . . .

I can only guess how much time goes into something like this. I LOVE North English!

And since we’ve re-designed this website, we’ve seemed to have lost the ability to let you comment on it.  If you are so moved to let me know what you think about this or any of “Tim’s Tirades”, just shoot me an email at [email protected].

When I get enough, I’ll post them in a sort of non-sequitur way.

Merry Christmas to All, and

Peace (on Earth)