A competency Hearing is scheduled to be held two weeks from today (Tuesday), March 7th, for a man accused of chasing a Newton mail carrier. Newton Police have charged 46 year old Benjamin Thomas Gordon with Willful Injury Causing Injury, Assault with Intent to Inflict Serious Injury, and 3 counts of Assault on an occupational employee With Intent to Injure.. He’s being held without bond. Just before 2:30 in the afternoon February 2nd, Newton Police received a call about a man chasing and attempting to attack a mail carrier in the 500-block of South 5th Avenue West. An Officer sent to the scene reportedly saw Gordon chasing a mailman in a yard and then into the street. The mail carrier told Police Gordon started barking at him, and then began chasing him and threatening to assault him. The arrest report states Gordon is known to have several variations of hepatitis, and he spit on the mail carrier three different times. Then at the jail…he allegedly bit the wrist of a Newton officer, breaking his skin and causing the injury to bleed and bruise. The March 7th competency hearing was set by District Associate Judge Steven Holwerda.