As the song goes, “memories light the corners of my mind.” Easter weekend is upon us and I am thinking about Easters past. How did you get your Easter eggs? Some kids got them on an Easter egg hunt, some kids got them in an Easter basket. Me, I got them from hunting them around the house. The Easter Bunny was quite generous at the Grout household. And, I have to say my sister was very kind to me compared to some siblings. She’s 10 years older and when I was 6 years old she was 16, she could have knocked me over in search for Easter eggs, but she always let me have my fair share.  Many times we would head over to western Iowa, Missouri Valley specifically, where my Grandmother and Aunt on my Mom’s side lived. What do you know, the Easter bunny made an appearance there too. Another plus in going to Missouri Valley was my Grandmothers cooking. She always made huge amounts of food but the one thing that sticks in my mind was her warm pumpkin bread. It would never fail to make my taste buds do a tap dance with a little bit of butter on it. We always came back to Newton with our tummies full.  I hope you have the most memorable Easter ever!!!