Tim’s Tirades

a veritable cornucopia of trivial nonsense, random thoughts, and personal beefs from KGRN morning man Tim Dill.

Compare and Contrast

Remember English Lit?  Compare and contrast blah blah blah, and do it in a thousand words. Its why I’m in broadcasting . . ....Read More

Snowblind Thoughts

I’m tired.   I’m tired of moving snow around. I’m tired of walking in the cold. I’m tired of snow plows (God bless them)...Read More

The First Man

We all want to be ‘the first” at something. . . Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, Chuck Yeager was the first...Read More

New Teeth

WARNING!!! The following contains references to things only old people will understand.  Please keep Google handy. So I have this old comedy album from...Read More

Grinnell Is No B.O.B Slouch!

Don’t get me wrong!  North English is pretty impressive with their Christmas displays, especially for a town its size. But Grinnell does a pretty...Read More