Tim’s Tirades

a veritable cornucopia of trivial nonsense, random thoughts, and personal beefs from KGRN morning man Tim Dill.

Grinnell Is No B.O.B Slouch!

Don’t get me wrong!  North English is pretty impressive with their Christmas displays, especially for a town its size. But Grinnell does a pretty...Read More

The Zombie Cat

You’ve heard the old wives tale that cat’s have nine lives, right? I know of three for sure. WARNING!!  The following contains graphic descriptions...Read More

I Didn’t Do Nuffin!

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?  Here’s an example from Real Clear Sports  . . . “Corine Remande, who lost vision in her right eye when...Read More

My Commencement Address

We’ve just finished that time of year where graduates of all levels sit around and listen to some “important” person tells them the secrets...Read More